Today in Egypt

Recently, the Egyptian army overthrew the democratically elected Egyptian government. Regardless of political affiliation, targeting others because of their political views is a crime. While the Muslim Brotherhood is just as guilty of perpetuating civil unrest and terrorizing civilians as Egyptian forces, violence, from either side, is never justified. Protesters are just as guilty here for the violence, as they also had a hand in perpetuating it.

Here are ten things that have occurred in Egypt Today:

1. Killed 150 peaceful protestors:

2. Security forces set fire to sleeping children’s tents:

3. Egypt declares a month long state of Emergency because security forces storm camps in Cairo- they did not punish the delinquint forces instead:

4. Egypt declares this law to continue to “allow security forces to detain people without warrants, circumvents traditional criminal courts to keep suspects detained for years, permits interceptions of communication and restricts gatherings such as protests.” :

5. Egyptian police throw rocks and use tear gas on protestors:

6. A hospital was stormed:

7. Press freedom has been put at risk:

8. Egyptian government appoints eleven new governors, all of whom are from the police and military:

9. Muslim Brotherhood supporters Attach Churches Around Egypt in Apparent Retaliation for Military Crackdown as 149 People Killed:

10. Muslim Brother supporters Throw an Armored car off a Bridge and some protesters even carried guns themselves:

An album of the all the chaos has been published. You can see it for yourself here:

So while you go about your day, please remember the people of Egypt, and all countries where people are dying for the right to live freely and pray for those who get caught in the violence.



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