The True Meaning of Massacre

Over 1500 people in Syria were killed within minutes on Wednesday. Minutes.

I think the saddest thing about the chemical massacre in Syria is that we will all, eventually, move on. Probably soon, hopefully not, we will have another massacre on our hands that we will raise awareness for and address. But the lives lost will still be lost.

Think about it, at this very moment, people are being bombed on while we sit in the comfort of our own homes. To some degree, we’ve already moved on as we use Facebook, enjoy morning coffee, and go back to our lives as though nothing happened.

I don’t think the human mind is capable of comprehending tragedy. Think about your life, and all that you’ve lived through and still have yet to see. Multiply that by 1500. All that was lost within minutes on Wednesday. Now multiply that by ~100 times, thats all that has been lost in the past 2.5 years.

Worse, those numbers don’t include the millions who have PTSD, lost their homes, limbs, family members, hope, happiness, childhood, and everything they and their families have worked for all of their lives.

That’s the true meaning of massacre. That’s the true meaning of tragedy. That all that life was lost, all that life will never be the same, all that life never had a fair chance, and the consquences, as large as they are, escape us.



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One response to “The True Meaning of Massacre”

  1. Jeff Nguyen says :

    Its unbelievable that such a tragedy barely registers on our news radar anymore. I can’t imagine what the people of Syria are enduring now. Thank you for reminding us of their humanity.

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