The Scream

A young girl screamed
But no one heard
To her then, an idea occurred

From that day forward, she would scream into a box
She would save her screams and keep them hidden away, locked
Every time she was frightened, scared, angry, or sad,
The box was her haven
She was planning something mad

She was saving what she called, The Scream
And when she let it out
It was going to be loud,
It was going to be mean

Into that box for twenty years she yelled and screamed
Until the box began bursting at the seams

To the sight of Syria
She let it out
A scream so loud
The whole world heard it, no doubt

But In one ear and out the other it went
Not a tear shed
Not a startled face
The Scream only came and went

The Scream so loud
Only on her, now, deaf ears did the scream resound
The world fell silent yet again
The Scream wasted
Not on deaf, but heartless men



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About nshakfeh

Activism is more than just advocating for others, it's about making yourself into a person who can make a difference. I document how I do that here.

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