The Facts about Kassab

A special post from Filor Nigo regarding Kassab

First and foremost, my thoughts are with all those who have fled Kessab in the last few days. I wish everyone safety and hope for peace in Kessab and a safe return for all who have fled. That being said, the discussion around the events that have unfolded in Kessab has been disappointing at the least, and Armenia media and others who have encouraged the spread of false information have blown these unfortunate events into something that they simply are not.

This is not a “continuation of the Genocide”, nor is it an evil Turkish plot to attack an Armenian town. This pervasive idea that whatever happens to Armenians in Syria (as part of Syria’s larger conflict) is in any way tied to the Genocide is pathetic. It is nothing but a weak and dis-empowering narrative pushed by those who have absolutely no critical thinking capacity. No, Turkish foreign policy is not dictated by a few thousand Armenians in Syria. Turkey’s position towards the Syrian conflict is clear, and has nothing to do with Armenians. Yes, the rebels may have used Turkey as their base as they have been doing for years, in the same way militants who entered Iraq used Syria as their base.

The rebel takeover of Kessab was not a targeting of Armenians. Contrary to what the flashy Asbarez headlines will have you believe, the rebels didn’t come in to slaughter Armenians and destroy their churches. Kessab is a strategically important point in this military conflict. If it is some reason unclear to some, Syria is engulfed in war and Armenians in Syria cannot honestly believe that these events would not affect them. Kessab was the last point on the Turkish border under regime control, and it paves the way to the coast.

And no, Armenians were not slaughtered, and there is absolutely no evidence that churches have been destroyed. Armenians were able to safely evacuate. We also have footage of churches after the rebel takeover, nothing is desecrated or destroyed.

For those calling to support Assad and for the Syrian Army to take Kessab, I have news for you. Assad is not the protector of Armenians. I am surprised that even after the Syrian army deserted Armenians multiple times in Aleppo, some still believe the government would sacrifice their interests to protect the Armenians and come to their rescue. And no they will not come to Armenians rescue in Kessab either. It is likely that Kessab will soon be shelled by the government.

Lets also not complain that the world is not talking about a thousand Armenians fleeing Kessab. The events in Kessab have been reported in several media outlets. And relative to everything else happening in Syria, with over 150,000 dead and over 2 million refugees, the evacuation of less than a thousand people from one town to another (while horrible and unfortunate) is not of the same scale of suffering. The Armenian community, relative to Syrians in general, are fortunate to have not faced the barrel bombs, the MIG’s, or the refugee camps.

Again, lets all hope for peace to be restored to Kessab and for the safe return of its inhabitants. Lets work to get aid to those who have evacuated. But lets also put things into perspective and not outrageously frame this as the “continuation of the Genocide”.


Rebels inside Armenian Churches in Kessab


Rebels speaking with elderly Armenian civilians in Kessab


Churches in Kessab under rebel control


Kessab after rebel takeover

سيف كسب 3


Orient TV Report on Kessab


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7 responses to “The Facts about Kassab”

  1. Argishti says :

    People are claiming “the continuation of the genocide” because of Turkey’s involvement in this mess. If Turkey hadn’t helped the rebels in opening a new front in Latakia this would not have happened. Unortunately (and at the same time fortunately) Kessab is situated in Assad’s stronghold of Latakia, and is thus one (of many) targets of the rebels.

    Also, do not forget the involvement of Syria’s Turcoman Brigades, Turks taking over an Armenian village (and one which has been populated by Armenians for at least 600 years and is also one of the last two Armenian populated villages on the territories that used to belong to the Ottoman Empire, the other one being Vakifi) reminds us of the terrible events of 1915 (and 1909, and 1896, etc.).

    These are the reasons why the Armenians are so up in arms with what’s happening in Kessab.

    But I agree with you, spreading false information about killings, and churches being desecrated (the crosses have been removed but the churches are in much better condition than others troughout Syria), etc. shows how much people are ready to jump on a bandwagon. Let’s just hope the Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels won’t force the remaining 15-20 Armenian families of Kessab to convert to Islam.

  2. Ben A.D. says :

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    The facts about the Kassab ‘genocide’ which isn’t happening…

  3. chaag says :

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